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Biz Magazine

Who We Are
The Bizness Magazine was started by young, eager members of the Los Angeles, CA population with a desire to provide a way for the new business owner, the hard working unknown musician, the dedicated talented clothing designer, the concerned citizen for our worlds health, the proactive political educator to join together and provide a full course meal for the misinformed, starving society of today.
What We Do
“The Bizness Magazine” is the news of the everyday citizen whom is connected to Fashion, Music, Health, and Politics. This magazine is a common place to learn how we the people find peace and power with various forms of expression. Unlike many media outlets The Bizness Magazine has found a way to relate society by highlighting common areas of interest and encouraging all uniqueness.
Our Impact
With coverage from Los Angeles to Japan  this magazine comfortably acknowledges that our world is connected and the areas that affect one of us affect all of us so let’s address our world’s topics at one table, in one book, The Bizness Magazine.
There was an obvious need to be met children and adults lacking truth in entertainment and the heart in the hard work. The response has been amazing; the word has spread all the way to Iceland and continues to touch more people daily. We have been able to bring the 13 year old and the 50 year old social views into one room and reintroduce them to one another extracting the gossip and the useless distractions and replace that space with ways to improve health through love and inform the citizens of their rights while providing an opportunity to speak through The Bizness Magazine.

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